Privacy Policy

Approach to Privacy

We take your right to privacy seriously and aim to keep your personal information and data safe.
This privacy policy is applied to this website. Before becoming a user, you must read and accept Developever’s privacy policy. As soon as you accept our privacy policy, you will be giving your consent to our disclosure and use of your data and information according to this privacy policy.


This privacy policy will describe about the data and information we collect and what will happen to it. This information and data are collected when you enter your data and information on our website. Your information and data will be shared with third parties and by us. We will never rent or sell your information and data to third parties except described in this privacy policy.

Information and Data Collection

We collect your calling / telephone number and your name since it is necessary to while providing you our services. Contact by email or by number, you can send us the information in a file or whatever seems convenient to you.
Like all the websites, you will automatically get information about server log files, general information, cookie information and IP address.

Use of Your Information

Your information and data will be used as we are providing you our service. You give consent to us for contacting you via your information and data but not for reviews and advertisement. You give consent to us for tracking your interests for making your experience better on our website, make our website according, tailor our website to make it better, improving our website content, see the usage of our website and improve for the sake of marketing.

Disclosure of Your Data and Information

We will never rent or sell your information to the third party as mentioned earlier in this privacy policy. You give your consent to us for sharing your data and information with the third parties and the organizations working with us but not for reviews and advertisement.
We may hire third parties for getting different services for certain operations. Some of these third-party service providers will have your information and data and we will make sure that your data and information is safe with them as well.

Legal Disclaimer

We make sure that your data and information is safe with us but we may be disclosing your data and information when the it is required by the law since it is necessary according to the pending and current judicial proceeding or a court order or an investigation that is done if an unlawful or an illegal activity is done that might expose you and us to a legal liability.


We use appropriate ways to keep your information and data safe as mentioned in this privacy policy. We will keep your information and data in a confidential and secure environment. Your information and data are stored in computers of entering country name here. Your information and data will be disclosed in a way that is mentioned in this privacy policy. We will not be responsible for any kind of security breach of security or for any kind of action that is done by the third parties that receive information and data.

Business Transitions

If Developever teams up with different companies, your information and data will be the part of assets transferred. If in such case, you will be informed via your contact information and data 30 days prior before the change.

How Do We Use Cookies?

We use cookies for tracking that how you use our website. This helps in tracking the pattern of our website approach and the usage of site. This will help us in improving our site and the services we provide.

Cookies are Either;

Session Cookies: these are stored in your computer when you are using our site and these are deleted when you stop using our site and close the browser. These are stored in an unknown ID session which means that you don’t have to log in to a website.
Persistent Cookies: these are the cookies that download on your computer as a file and are deleted when you close the browser. These are read by the website when you open our website again. We use these cookies for personalization and Google Analytics.

Cookies Can Also Be Categorized in the Following Ways:

Strictly Necessary Cookies: these cookies cannot be turned off and these are necessary for you to use our site effectively and if you do not agree to these cookies, you cannot use our services. These cookies are not used for marketing or tracking what you do on the internet.
Performance Cookies: these cookies are used to see the performance of our website for the sake of improvement via monitoring. This allows us to see which part of the website is visited the most, see where the traffic is coming from, how many clicks and at what time.
Functionality Cookies: these cookies enable our website to remember the choices you make as you have subscribed to our updates and newsletters. This also remembers the font size and other customizations you have made on the page. It also shows the number of requests you have made like comments in a video or a blog and viewing a video or a blog.
Personalization Cookies: these cookies help in advertising the services that we think it has potential and is of interest. These cookies are persistent which means that when you will be logging in to our website, you will be seeing the ads of our services.


Our website will have different links of different websites as well. Note and remember that we are not responsible for the privacy practices of different websites.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

We have the right to change and amend our privacy policy and you will be notified via email. You must review the changes that will be done in this privacy policy. We will also update on our website about the changes that will be done in this privacy policy.

GDPR – Right to Erasure (‘Right to be Forgotten’)

According the latest laws of GDPR, you have the right to be forgotten – if you want to continue with Developever to keep your information and data please email us at enter email here.

Contact Information

Your privacy is very important for us and if you have any questions, please email us at enter email here.